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Body Nation Studio wants you to achieve a consistent healthy lifestyle, a nourishing meal plan, plus a personalized exercise regimen aligned with your mind, body & soul!

Virtual/Hybrid Fitness Coaching

Our goal in your holistic wellness, fitness, & nutrition coaching is for you to exercise the habits that will give you that overall satisfaction for your mind, body, & soul.

Each membership includes a certain amount of Hybrid Coaching Sessions (phone, virtual, or onsite) that you choose how to conclude each week.

Consultation/Assessment/Evaluation for Holistic Wellness

Our health consultation will discover the root of your health habits and create a crystal clear vision of your holistic wellness goals for your desired, dream body.

ABCs of Holistic Fitness Workbook

The ABCs of Fitness is a guided holistic fitness & nutrition workbook on how to build an exercise program. In addition to meal planning and prepping, the ABCs of Fitness will teach you how to release self-sabotage habits and strengthen your emotional wellbeing through relaxation techniques as well as beauty enhancements.

Body Nation Studio Mobile App

Our online mobile app puts you in control of your workout schedule. Track your progress and take advantage of Body Nation Studio in your pocket. It gives you personalized workout routines that you can use anywhere – at home, on the go, or in the gym!

One-on-One Fitness Coaching

Your one-on-one coaching will cater to your specific holistic wellness and fitness needs. We will uncover your hidden challenges to burn fat faster and smarter to ensure a healthier body.

Group Fitness

Never do a dull workout again. Stay active and motivated with a group of friends or other individuals reaching similar fitness goals. Put your own workout team together. Group Fitness gives each team member a personalized fitness plan and combines scheduled workouts with your team!

Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Get organized and in control of your lifestyle habits. Holistic Wellness Coaching will teach you valuable life lessons to optimize your spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being for mind, body, & soul alignment.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Your Holistic Nutrition Coaching will not only help you revitalize your metabolism through fitness, but enable you to embody a more loving relationship with yourself and food.

Body Nation Destination Fitness & Wellness Retreats

Retreat away with Body Nation Studio for a mind, body, & soul experience. Enjoy daily holistic wellness, fitness, & nutrition activities that bring out your most authentic self.

Fitness Competitions/Special Events

Dream body quests are for those who have a deadline attached to their goal such as a wedding, birthday, fitness competition, audition, or event that needs specific preparation.

Dream body quests are total body challenges with daily holistic wellness, fitness, and nutrition support to help you develop healthy lifestyle choices in a specific time frame.

Commit to be Fit: Mind, Body, & Soul
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